Donate to the Garden Club of Georgia

There are many ways you can support the Garden Club of Georgia and its projects. We make it easy!

  1.  GCG Donations - A form for multiple donations

Use this form when donation to the following:

      • Blue Star Marker Restoration Fund
      • Community On My Mind Fund
      • Garden Therapy Fund
      • GCG State Headquarters
      • Historic Preservation
      • Roadside Beautification
      • State Parks and Public Lands

National Garden Club Projects

Natural Disaster Support


      • Atlanta Botanical Gardens
      • Cherokee Garden Library
      • Founders Memorial Garden
      • State Botanical Garden Athens

(including GCG State Headquarters Endowment Fund, James R. Cothran Historic Landscape Preservation Endowment Find, Land Trust: Marshall Forest, LeConte Woodmanston Foundation, and Penny Pines Donation)

2. Life Memberships

(State Garden Club Life Memberships, Deep South Garden Club Life Memberships and National Garden Club Life Membership)

3. Scholarship Donations

4, Subscribing Members Form 2023