Community on My Mind

The Community on My Mind Program was established with funds provided by the Georgia Power Foundation to help and encourage local garden clubs and councils to implement civic improvement projects. After the initial funds were depleted, the GCG voted to continue this worthwhile effort with contributions from our treasury.

The Community on My Mind (COMM) Grant funds any beautification or conservation community project. Projects which benefit only private entities or private institutions are ineligible for grants. Need more information? Please see the Community On My Mind packet for current guidelines.

Garden Clubs or Councils may apply for a $200 grant for qualifying projects. There have been  nearly 300 projects that received this grant since its inception, resulting in thousands of GCG dollars provided to local clubs or councils to make their communities more beautiful and eco-friendly.

While matching funds may come from the treasury of a club or council, applicants are urged to seek funds and donations of material from other non-profit service organizations, community groups and businesses. Questions about this grant program should be directed to:

Nancy Muggridge
Civic Improvement Chair
PO Box 943
Camilla GA 31730
229-336-8295 / 229-522-0324
[email protected]